Timeless lessons from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can change you immediately.

“The person silent about the truth is a mute demon.”

In 6th grade, there was a boy who had a disability on his leg.
He was kind, and the smile never absences on his face. He tried to involve with students in the class, but they ignored him.

One day…

Over 100 Years: Palestinians Still Pay Their Balfour Declaration Bills.

During war world 1 1914–1918 the Balfour declaration born. This declaration has changed Palestinians’ lives since November 2, 1917, and till today.

After the war, the middle east was under Britain and France’s control. The declaration came with congrats from the USA, France, and Britain. …

Sheikh Jarrah is a real-estate dispute between private parties or ethnic cleansing.

I slept last night with fear in the morning my house will be with other people. Slept with tears falling out of my eyes because we will lose our house. We will lose our identity and will lose our memories.” These words were from Muna Al-kurd about Israel’s forced expulsions…

The peasants couldn’t bear that these soldiers would check their daughters’ virginity

When the Injustice be normal. When oppressive people get rewarded for what they’ve done, honest people are imprisoned or killed.
The balance of this world has changed completely. And freedom slowly dies day by day. Injustice has spread, and it’s wearing the mask of fairness and justice.

Freedom, how much…

It wasn’t the lack of desire that held the masses back from getting wealthy, but the lack of belief in their own ability to make it happen.

Women wear an expensive brown jacket and she is surrounded by money. She looks happy and looks at the camera.

During the pandemic, life changed; the fear, stress, and anxiety that chased us can’t describe.
Dinner meals that were full of fun, great conversations turned to the voices of chew food amid absent-mindedness. We became afraid to see friends face to face without worrying about death.

The world economy worsened…

Attention is the art of hearing as well as of being heard

A red machine with a different type of gum, and that coca-cola bottle next to it.

When a person gets older, something will change in his life, his habits, relations, and responsibilities.
Don't get me wrong, I’m still 24, but I mean that small things that occur tell me that I get older day-after-day.
Being a 24-year-old man means have to work harder and seek development every…

Ahmed Aqel

Engineer, Writer, Entrepreneurship, Researcher. I try to spread useful knowledge to help people

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